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Certified Phlebotomy Technician

Certified Phlebotomy Technician


Must be able to read, write, and speak English fluently. Must be able to read and write at the 8th grade level and do math at the 6th grade level. Must also have access to a computer with internet access.  GED or HS Diploma, BCI within the past 6 months.  Immunizations not required for enrollment, but required before lab practice and clinical placement.

Tuition Includes:

Information for both traditional and online courses

  • Tuition inclues book(s), lab fees, & access to Online Classroom Manager, online handouts, clinical fees / clinical rotation, and job readiness.
  • Additional expenses: Uniforms approximately $35 each (minimum 1 required); Handout binder (optional) $40; Professional liability insurance $20
  • All program applications are subject to a non-refundable $50 application fee.
  • Upon acceptance into the program please submit your deposit (or full tuition) plus the $50 application fee to 911Programs at 175 Metro Center Blvd Unit 1 Warwick RI 02886.
  • Tuition payable by cash, check, money order, cashiers check, credit./debit (3.5% fee applies), or paypal (fees may apply --usually about 2%).
  • Note: Online programs have the designation "-O" after the Courtse ID # (Example CPT50-O) Other Course Identifiers include D for day and N for night (Example CPT50D and CPT50N)

Traditional courses conducted at our Warwick, RI Campus

Seats in the course are awarded on a first-come / first-serve basis based on payment of tuition. A deposit of $100 will hold a seat in the course until 3 weeks prior to course start date. After that date, seats will be assigned to registered students who have paid in full or have a payment arrangement in place. Course withdrawals within 7 days of orientation will result in forfeiture of $100 deposit.

Online courses

This course follows a weekly format contiguous with our in-person courses at our Warwick, RI Campus. Assigments are due at the end of each week but may be done any time during the week. Online students are permitted to attend in-person course sessions (and orientation session) with the other students if desired. Students may apply online by first creating an acount, and second, enrollign in the course. Early registration is encouraged to ensure materials are available for you in a timely manner. Course withdrawals within 7 days of orientation will result in forfeiture of $100 deposit.

Additional Fees

  • Uniforms approximately $35 each (minimum 1 required) must be worn during classes and clinical rotations
  • Handout binder (optional) $40
  • National HealthCareer Association testing fee (optional but strongly recommended) $115.00 due at final exam, payable to NHA

Clinical Requirement

A clinical rotation is required for this course. Over 80% of our students get a job offer from our sites during their clinical rotation. An on-site clinical rotation at our Warwick Campus may be arranged for addtional fee.

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Course Information

Night Program:  Classes will be held 3 nights a week for 10 weeks.  Classes are held from 6pm-9pm: followed by a two week/40hr/wk clinical rotation within the weeks following class end date.  It is recommended that you complete all immunization requirements before the first day of class, but is not required as it can take some time.


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